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Connection-PIN -JET PIN

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Your purchase of this equipment acknowledges that you understand the risks and dangers of performing solar panel cleaning. ProSolarClean, LLC takes no responsibility for your operation of the service intended. Take all care and caution at all times while using the equipment. Follow all safety guidelines for working on/around solar and electricity.

The Connection PIN (aka Jet Pin) is the item that regulates the flow of water to the brush. Standard Jet Pins in all new C1000's is the 9 (5 or 7) liters per minute. This Jet Pin is inserted into the neck of the brush via a small hex screw.

In all SOLA-TECS C we use a 9 l/min nozzle as standard. This means a water flow of 9 litres per minute at a water pressure of 100 bar. Water consumption can be cut from approx. 9 l/min to 5 l/min by adjusting the nozzle (connection PIN). This not only ensures the device is environmentally friendly, but also opens up new possibilities when it comes to the use of water filters such as osmosis or DI resin filters. However, it should be noted that lower flushing power can extend the working time accordingly, because the higher the water output, the better the flushing effect. For cleaning with a reduced water flow, we offer a 5 l/min nozzle for the SOLA-TECS C600 and C800 and a 7 l/min nozzle for the SOLA-TECS C1000.