Used Equipment

Occasionally we come across used equipment we offer for sale to those who would like to save a few dollars. It might be a little ugly, but works great.

Sometimes we have customers who offer their used equipment for purchase directly from them.

Either way, contact us for a list of currently available used Sola-Tecs goods.

Trade Shows & News

Hey solar folks! It's time for RE+ (formerly called SPI) in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will be back with the Sola-Tecs brushes, the famous C1000.

Let us know if you can come and we can get you a FREE PASS.

For Sale

Sola-Tecs C1000

C800 Splash Guard

Modular pole set - poles, goose neck, hose, bag

Telescopic pole set - pole, goose neck, hose

Hosesother accessories

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